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Join the Noor Family and Start Saving!

What are Noor Dollars?

We have created this program as a small token of appreciation for your loyalty and support throughout the years. Look out for more perks and programs that we have in the pipeline to help enhance your overall Noor experience.

3 Ways to Save!


Subscribe to renewals of vitamins and receive a 10% discount!


Earn Noor Dollars for every bottle that you purchase. Noor Dollars can be applied to future purchases.


Save 20% when you bundle (vs. buying each bottle individually)! Save the most when you subscribe to a bundle!

Being a Part of the Noor Vitamins Family Has Its Perks

Automatically earn Noor Dollars on each purchase

Be the first to hear about sales and exclusive new products

Noor Dollars are valid for one year, and you can keep earning until you are ready to use them

How to earn and use Noor Dollars

Make sure you have an account on If you don’t, click on “My Account” and register

Buy your favorite vitamins on as you normally do

You'll earn 1 Noor Dollars for every bottle single bottle you buy! Earn 3 Noor Dollars for every bundle you buy!

Noor dollars do not apply to subscription orders as those already receive a 10% discount

Noor dollars are not earned on orders where Noor Dollars are used or other discounts are applied.


How to apply Noor Dollars

Noor Dollars will accumulate in your account and can be applied to any future purchase. Save them to buy full bottles or apply them to partially pay for future orders

Purchases made using Noor dollars do not qualify for new Noor dollars

To apply your Noor dollars, sign into your account, and go to “My Cart”

Select Noor Dollars as a check out option

See your current balance, and select how much you want to apply to your order

You will receive a message confirming that your Noor Dollars have been applied

How to view your Noor dollars balance

Go into the “My Account” page

Your Noor Dollars balance is shown on the right below your user information

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